Our Prescription Policy

NH NHRMC makes every effort to ensure that prescriptions are processed and shipped in a correct fashion. By law, once a prescription has left the pharmacy, it may not be returned for resale. If we made an error while filling your prescription, we will refund your costs and the costs charged to your insurance company.

  • A prescription error is “any preventable event that may cause or lead to an inappropriate medication use or patient harm, such as wrong medication, wrong dose, wrong directions, incorrect patient profile, etc.”
  • In addition, medications that are lost or damaged during transit, received defective or past their expiry date will be investigated and a refund provided, if appropriate.

NH NHRMC Outpatient Pharmacy is not responsible for, and will not refund costs for:

  • Errors made by the prescriber/staff when ordering your prescription
  • Failure of the patient to attain the package in a timely manner after delivery
  • Dissatisfaction with a medication due to side effects, lack of efficacy or physical preparation
  • Errors made by the patient or caregiver when calling for refills
  • Changes in therapy, personal information, or insurance. Please notify NH NHRMC Outpatient Pharmacy of any changes to therapy, change of address, need for alternative shipping address, and/or changes to insurance coverage.

Please contact NH NHRMC Outpatient Pharmacy at 910.667.5180 with any questions or concerns regarding your shipping order.